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Faster & More Convenient Monopolar RF 

What is OLIGIO?

Oligo is a high-frequency lifting device that uses a frequency of 6.78 MHz. It is a skin tightening device that applies strong heat to the dermal layer of the skin to promote new collagen synthesis and increase skin elasticity. 

Oligio lifting laser is a procedure that activates collagen in the dermal layer using Radiofrequency (RF) high frequency. By applying heat to the dermal collagen, it helps to contract collagen and stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen fibers. As a result, it has the effect of remodeling the dermis and regenerating collagen in the long term through a natural healing process.



icon_user friendly technique_grey.png

User-Friendly Technique

User-Friendly Treatment from 3 modes, Single/Double/Auto

icon_faster treatment_grey.png

Fast Treatment

With larger F4.o tip

and auto-mode treatment

icon_pain relief_grey.png

Pain Relief

Comfortable treatment with handpiece vibration

icon_impedance check_grey.png

Impedance Check

Safe treatment with impedance checking per every shot

icon_safe trestment_grey.png

Safe Treatment

Minimize side effects
by monitoring temperature of skin surface and by pressure sensing system

icon_customizing cooling channel_grey.png

Customizing Cooling Channel

Customized cooling channel for each patient

OLIGIO Lifting Effect

Once the heat is transferred deep into the skin, immediately after the procedure patients will feel lifting and tightening effects, and collagen is gradually regenerated over two to three months to restore skin elasticity and improve fine wrinkles and skin texture. The skin elasticity and treatment effect are maintained within a period of about one year.
Oligio not only enhances the overall skin elasticity, but also if you have large pores or have a lot of fine lines, you can see your skin improvement through Oligio Lifting procedure. Although you can see the result with just a single treatment, it is often performed in combination with other treatments to solve other skin problems.

icon_skin lifting.png

Skin Lifting & Tightening

Skin laxity

Mild to moderate nasolabial fold

Skin tightening

icon_lower face lifting.png

Lower Face Lifting & Contouring

Mild jowling

Facial contouring


B & A.jpg

Wrinkle Reduction

Fine lines, wrinkles, and rhytids
Periorbital wrinkles
Mild to moderate nasolabial fold

OLIGIO Main Features

Monopolar Radio Frequency

  • By delivering RF energy to the dermis, Oligio leads to new collagen formation and dermal remodeling resulting in skin lifting & tightening

  • Oligio also leads to improvement of skin quality and sagging skin in the jowls, neck, and eyelids

Safe Treatment

​Safe treatment with 4 safety systems:

  • Epidermal protection using Contact Cooling

  • Real-time Temperature Monitoring system for safe treatment

  • Eliminate the risk of skin burn using Pressure Sensing system

  • Skin Impedance checking system for delivering safe energy

pic_cooling system.jpg

Pre Cooling (1st)

Parallel Cooling (2nd & 3rd)

Post Cooling


Contact Cooling using Cryogen Gas

pic_RF pulse diagram.jpg

Convenience Treatment

  • User-friendly 3 treatment modes: Single/Double/Auto

  • Fast Treatment using F4.0 Tip

  • Adjust sub-divided energy level (Level0.5–8.0)

  • Adjust cooling time depending on the patient


Delivers RF once

on the same area


Delivers RF twice

on the same area


Delivers RF automatically with preset interval time

Reduce user fatigue & shorten treatment time

Before & After

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