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High Density Electromagnetic System


CORESCULPT is a device that guides people to maintain a healthy body for life through the process of sculpting people’s bodies beautifully into muscles.

The strong pulsed magnetic field of this CORESCULPT is instantaneously transmitted to a conductor that is easily transmitted by a magnetic field such as the human body, resulting in an eddy current. These induced bio-currents affect each tissue of the human body by electrophysiological mechanisms, and these electrophysiological effects appear in sensory nerves, blood vessels, bone tissues, etc.

The magnetic field is not only harmless to the human body, but also penetrates deep into the human body, activates cells, and affects nerves and muscle tissue, resulting in excellent treatment results.

Magnetic Stimulation

  • Maximum 3 Tesla Output, 3.3KVA , 3.3kVA electric power is energized on a coil inside a handle.

  • The coil inside the handle generates induced magnetic field.

  • Projects magnetic energy to the body.

  • Bio-electric currents is occurred inside body(Eddy current)

  • Electrophysiology effect is occurred in human organism. (such as Contraction & Relaxation on muscle layer, Blood vessel, sensory nerves, bone tissue)



Muscle Reinforce

Reinforce core muscle.

Electromagnetic field is effective on prevention if disk, posture correction, releasing back pain and so on.

The muscle can be strengthened exceeding the level that normal exercise cannot achieve.

Pain Relief

3 tesla high density electro magnetic energy repeat contract and relax your muscles. By stimulating muscle layer and nerve tissue, Pain and blood circulation can be improved. Intrafusal fivers, sensory fivers, extrafusal fivers, contracted.

Break Down Fat

Constantly repeated contractions Rebuild muscle to firm muscle, and it increases fat metabolism and leads to an increase in the rate of producing fatty acids.

This free fatty acid is used energy, so fat cells are destroyed.

Effective Maximum Exercise Effect
High-density electromagnetic energy stimulates the muscles from a minimum of 20,000 to a maximum of 36,000 in a 30-minute run time by repeating muscle contraction and relaxation.

This muscle stimulation has the same effect as doing sit-ups or squats. 


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The applicators generates Electromagnetic pulses, the client just lies down in a bed for 30 minutes for one area treatment only for 4 sessions for 2 weeks.

Total 4~6 sessions during 2~3 weeks is recommended.

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Comparison of Depth & Wide of Electromagnetic Emission

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General treatment

Penetration depth : Approximately 3cm

CORESCULPT treatment

Penetration depth : over 10cm

Q & A

How long does the treatment take?

Treatment time differs from pain degree, treatment area and applications, but it usually takes 15~30min.

When a patient can go back to normal life after treatment?

There is no downtime and side effects such as pain, blush, swollenness, so the patient can go back to normal life right after treatment.

How many session should be performed?

2~3 times a week/ total 4~6 times of treatment is recommended.

Does the patient take off clothes during the treatment?

CORESCULPT can deliver electromagnetic energy without contact, so patients can have treatment with wearing clothes.

To whom do I need to recommend CORESCULPT treatment?

Someone who has acute & Chronic pain.

Someone who want to have healthy and contoured body.

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