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Advanced Hydrogen Gas Generator


Hydroveil generates 85cc of 99.9% pure hydrogen gas in 1 minute and is able to deliver approximately 83.3cc to the skin. Hydrogen gas is delivered through highly concentrated oxygen (95%) which can produce up to 1660cc hydrogen gas within 20 minutes. This can reduce the free radicals in the body by 30%. 

Mucous Membrane Inhalation

There are 3 ways to consume hydrogen; 1) drinking hydrogen water, 2) taking supplements, and 3) mucous membrane inhalation of hydrogen gas. The third method (mucous membrane inhalation) is the most effective way of consuming hydrogen because hydrogen molecules get absorbed directly into blood vessel, significantly higher absorbing rate and instant result can be achieved.



  • Produce Hydrogen Gas in Real Time (80cc/min, 2 Electrolyzer)

  • Mucous Membrane Inhalation for Higher Absorption Rate

  • Efficient & Ergonomic Dome-style Design

  • LED Therapy & Aroma Therapy Functions 

  • 100% Safe and Effective

LED Therapy

​Red LED promotes collagen and elastin generation and prevents skin aging and wrinkles, while Blue LED helps anti-inflammatory and relieves acne and atopic.

Aroma Therapy

Optional aroma therapy adds pleasure during the hydrogen treatment session. 

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